Hanover Updates Economic Development Website

August 7, 2009

Hanover County Partners with Consultant for Update to Economic Development Website

Timmons Group, a Virginia Review Directory advertiser and a leader in Enterprise Geospatial products and services, announced today that Hanover County has again partnered with the firm by incorporating the new and updated version of Site LoGIStics software into their Web presence. This update will increase the level of service and information provided to local citizens, the professional real estate community, businesses and business prospects. Site LoGIStics is an ArcGIS Server based GIS web solution that enhances site and building property searches and provides critical business, consumer, demographic and labor information essential for site selection.

Economic development has changed dramatically over the past few years. Now site selection consultants and business executives rely heavily on the internet for information. In today’s technology driven environment, the Internet is often used to develop a short list of locations for a business expansion or relocation. To remain competitive in today’s economy, economic development organizations must provide reliable, in-depth, information that is easily accessible on the web. Recognizing this, Hanover County wanted a site that allowed their clients and potential businesses to conduct property searches that could be tailored to fit their specific business needs. With Site LoGIStics, prospective companies can conduct site and building searches on a macro level using broad search criteria or on a micro level that allows them to choose a site or building with multiple and very explicit criteria. This technology allows the user to quickly and accurately find properties that fit their particular business needs.

“Site LoGIStics has definitely had a positive impact on the level of service that we can provide to our businesses and the real estate community. As we face more competition for fewer projects, the need for concise, accurate and easily obtainable data is paramount,” said Marc S. Weiss, Director of Hanover County Economic Development. “We rely on the data and functionality of Site LoGIStics in our everyday operations and our clients have come to rely on access to the type of information that it provides.”

Using ESRI’s ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 technology, Hanover’s new site features interactive maps and tools that allow the user to view selected properties in a variety of ways. Property search results can be displayed in a map view or grid view. The aerial photography and GIS integrated maps provide a prospective business executive a more complete understanding of the selected properties and the community by allowing the user to see the properties in relation to critical factors like access to roadways, airports, railroads, utilities, parks and recreation, universities and colleges and other key factors. Using the “Compare Selection” tool, properties can be viewed and contrasted for side-by-side analysis to provide a better understanding of the attributes of each individual property.

To enhance the user experience, reports featuring demographics, business point analysis, consumer expenditure, workforce statistics and labor information can be quickly obtained and displayed for individual properties. Using measurements of feet, meter, miles or kilometers the data is displayed in concentric radii from the selected property.

Site LoGIStics enhances the site selection process by providing quick access to critical information. This solution provides Hanover County with the competitive advantage needed to attract potential development projects by easily providing up to the minute information.

Tim Asimos, Marketing Manager
Timmons Group
(804) 200.6375